JAnuary 2019
Hall 5, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscet, Oman
January 2019
Hall 5, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscet, Oman


Block 4, 5, 6 Copper Mining Projects

The exploration of a targeted 10,700,000 and 29,250,000 tons of 1.4 and 2.4 per cent copper in the Semil Ophiolite Belt in northern Oman and the development of gold and copper deposits from a central operating plant.

Washihi Copper-Gold Project

The construction of a commercial open pit mine in Oman's Washihi locality, 160 kilometers southeast of Muscat. It involves the commercialization/processing of copper deposits with associated gold ore, which cover a total area of about 105 square kilometers. It is expected to produce 77,000 tons of copper and 18,000 tons of gold yearly upon operation. Expected revenues amount to US$ 434 million over a period of 10 years.

Project Cost: US$ 50 million

Duqm Mineral Concessions

The usage by mining companies of Duqm Port's 300-meter dedicated break bulk terminal to export their minerals, including limestone to several countries. The terminal has a capacity of up to 5 million tons per annum. The first shipment of dolomite from the port's commercial quay was done in February 2016.

Seabed Mining Operation

A joint venture with a Canadian mining firm to wet test gigantic robotic machinery at Oman's Port of Duqm, which will be deployed on the seafloor to mine high-value minerals such as gold, copper, zinc and silver in the southwest Pacific. This project puts Oman as key base for the world's first seafloor mining project.

Yanqul Copper Project

The exploration and development of five separate copper deposits in the Yanqul area in the northern part of Oman. The project is expected to support metal-based industrial projects in Oman and further support the government's diversification strategy to boost long-term investment opportunities in the infrastructure, power and mining sectors.

Potash Mining Project

Seen as Oman’s largest mining venture, the potash project by Gulf Mining Group, targets the developing of prolific potash reserves in central Oman. Raw potash production, initially targeted at 500,000 metric tons per annum, will be scaled up to 1 million metric tons over a five-year period. Full production is slated by 2020.

Project Cost: US$ 500 million