JAnuary 2019
Hall 5, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscet, Oman
January 2019
Hall 5, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscet, Oman


Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Sultanate of Oman is enriched by varieties of mineral resources metallic minerals such as copper, gold, zinc, chromites, cobalt and iron ores and non-metallic minerals includes,dolomite,limestone, gypsum, calys, silica, ornamental stones and building materials. Several mining companies have grown up based on these mineral commodities which participate as a part of the national development sector and contribute to the nation's GDP as well as providing jobs for Omanis.

Copper has been mined in Oman for thousands of years, recently Oman Mining Company and Mawarid Resources mining about 35 million tons of copper ores from Sohar and Shinas areas, in addition four new companies granted an exploration licences for developing copper mining projects in Al-Batinah coast. There are more than 15 companies mining marble stone from different quarries in the northern Oman Mountains which well know as Omani beige trade market. Gypsum, limestone and clays are also mined from Oman for export and as local supply raw materials for different industries. Other mineral resources which are recently evaluated such as copper ores, clays and silica sand are also shown an economically feasible and confirmed can be exploitable for several tens of years.